2020年3月27日 プレスリリース

KYUDEN GLOBAL事業(外国人材活用と定住促進事業)を開始します

― 九州地区から順次サービスの提供を開始 ―

九電グループで総合人材サービス事業を展開する株式会社九電ビジネスフロント (本社:福岡県福岡市、社長:中川勝美)は、外国人材活用と定住促進事業を「KYUDEN GLOBAL事業」として事業化し、4月1日から本格的にサービスを開始します。 本事業は、九電グループ全体のイノベーションを推進し、新たな事業やサービスを 生み出すための取組みである「KYUDEN i-PROJECT」のひとつで、2018年4月から実証実験を実施し、お客さまにご好評いただいたことから事業化するものです。 「KYUDEN GLOBAL事業」では、中長期的に労働人口が減少し、高齢化が進む九州において、優秀な外国人材の就業、定住による地域活性化や新たな電力需要等の創出等を目指し、日本で働きたいと考える外国人材に対し、快適な生活環境と労働環境を提供します。 九電グループは、外国人材をはじめ多様な人材の活躍を積極的に支援することで九州の活性化を図り、「九電グループ経営ビジョン2030」で掲げる2030年のありたい姿「九州から未来を創る九電グループ~豊かさと快適さで、お客さまの一番に~」の実現に向けて取り組んでまいります。 なお、新型コロナウイルスの影響等については十分配慮して進めてまいります。


(1) グローバル人材紹介
(2) ダイレクトリクルーティング
(3) 外国人定住・生活支援
(4) ダイバーシティ教育サービス
(5) 翻訳・デザイン
(6) グローバルマーケティング・プロモーション

 株式会社九電ビジネスフロント KYUDEN GLOBAL事業本部



March 27th 2020 Press Release

Start of KYUDEN GLOBAL Division
(Supporting Internationals with Jobseeking and Japan Residency)

Commencing April 1st, Kyuden group company Kyuden Business Front Inc. (headquartered in Fukuoka city under the management of Mr. Katsumi Nakagawa) will roll out its new division, ‘KYUDEN GLOBAL’.
We aim to diversify the Japanese workplace with global talent while providing residency support.
Born from the KYUDEN i-PROJECT, which focused on the development of new businesses and services for the purpose of innovation within Kyuden Group as a whole, the project started its testing phase in April 2018, and service areas were decided based on customer needs.
With Japan’s working population set to decrease in the near to distant future, and the number of elderly on the rise, KYUDEN GLOBAL looks to fill the gap through facilitating the hiring and residency support of foreign nationals.
Through these actions, the project aims to bring revitalization to the region and increase the demand for energy.
Ultimately, we hope that those wishing to work in Japan will be able to so comfortably, in terms of both daily living and working environment.

Starting from Skilled Internationals, Kyuden Group Strives for Diversity in the Workplace. The Kyuden Group Management Vision 2030 project aims to support Kyushu’s revitalization. Our goal is to work towards a better future starting from Kyushu, to create a comfortable region filled with abundance. We are striving to realize this vision, with various projects planned up until 2030.
We will proceed with this new venture with due consideration to the current situation regarding COVID-19.

Main Services

1. International Recruiting
Matching Japanese firms and international personnel, offering them job-seeking support.  

2. Direct Recruiting
 Supplying a platform for firms to directly hire internationals from our HR database.

3. Daily Life Support for Internationals
Supporting lifestyles by assisting with procedures such as applying for status of residence and employment, opening a bank account, or signing a rental contract.

4. Diversity Education
 Furnishing educational workshop services on the topics of diversity and intercultural understanding between Japanese and internationals.

5. Translation / Design
Offering native-level translation, writing and logo design services by international personnel.

6. Overseas Marketing and Promotion
Supplying global services such as overseas event planning, management and production, and distribution of surveys to overseas audiences by local freelancers.

For All Enquiries
Kyuden Business Front, Inc. KYUDEN GLOBAL Division

Download PDF of Press Release:  Kyuden Global Press Release English