Native translators and designers helping you to connect with your audience every time, no matter their nationality. No machines allowed.

Translation & Design by Natives Who Know Japan

At the heart of Penship’s services are our native English employees who work closely with a team of freelancing professionals from around the world.
From translation to design of websites and pamphlets, we help companies and individuals to market themselves better to their overseas audiences.
Depending on the country or region, communication styles and design best practices vary, and there are all kinds of expressions that translation apps just can’t work out. That’s why you’ll never catch us using robots for our translations. We stick to using human native speakers and designers for services that touch the heart every time.

Penship Services
Translation Interpretation & Proofreading

Our translation and interpretation service utilizes an overseas HR network of over 100,000 people from 205 countries around the world.

Creative Writing

We offer high-quality writing services for tourism and other fields in a range of languages such as English, Chinese and Korean. Our journalists will not only write but will assist you with your project in every way you require, from photography to conducting interviews.

Localized Design

We offer design services tailored to the culture and national character of every country. These include logo design, web design (DTP) pamphlet design, as well as original illustrations.

Overseas Event Management

From researching the event venue to making reservations and event publicity, we offer a complete range of event production services.

Overseas Marketing

By conducting field studies and making free use of social networks, we provide businesses with global development support services.


After we translate and design your materials, you can leave the printing to us too, so you don't have to do any extra work.

We get things done the old-fashioned way. No bots.