Our Mission to Energize Kyushu

As its birthrate falls and population ages, Japan is facing an unprecedented labor shortage.
To protect the economy, we as a nation need to implement plans for new virtuous cycles of growth and labor allocation.
This can be achieved by exploring new working styles that will help to increase the number of people in employment.
Companies must help in establishing a virtuous cycle for the economy, in which those wishing to work can do so comfortably, at their fullest potential.

KYUDEN GLOBAL seeks to enable a greater variety of work styles by creating a human resource infrastructure with an emphasis on global talent.
We seek to raise the value of businesses and communities through our three core services: Global Solutions, Social Innovation, and Education.

In addition, through a variety of partnerships, we provide solutions for social issues as outlined by the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Together with a rapidly diversifying workforce, we are constructing a new kind of business model, keeping Kyushu an attractive and exciting place to live and work.