KYUSHU SOCIAL introduces Japan and the world to trusted high quality Kyushu-brand products with the greater mission of resolving some of the social issues outlined in the United Nation’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). 

KYUSHU SOCIAL(九州ソーシャル)のミッションは、地域の名品ブランディングにより、九州をもっと元気に!

Our Mission to
Energize Kyushu

KYUSHU SOCIAL’s Mission is Twofold:

(1) Social Innovation
 At a UN Summit in September of 2015, 17 SDGs were decided for the purpose of achieving sustainability on a global scale. For their achievement, we are working together with various partners on those innovations that we identify as carrying potential social benefits.  

(2) Raising Kyushu’s Visibility
We help creatives and sellers get their brand out to the world by providing multilingual translation and marketing, as well as packaging design. Starting from Japan, then selling them to Asia and the West, we will energize Kyushu’s economy through the KYUSHU SOCIAL brand.

1: SDGs

Cooperating with the SDG Future City Model Project

In cooperation with Iki City, which was chosen for the SDGs Future City Model Project, we aim to be leaders in the SDGs movement.
We look to do so through providing services in education, HR development, and via strategies aimed at challenging and rethinking the way we work.
On October 23, 2019, we signed an agreement with Iki City in Nagasaki Prefecture for the purpose of cooperating to promote SDGs. 

2: Branding with KYUSHU SOCIAL


1⃣ Research

This is the discovery process in which we share ideas and identify the most fitting branding strategy for your business

2⃣ Branding


3⃣ Marketing

Marketing at the target source such as online, through overseas worker channels.​

4⃣ Promotion &
Sales Support