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Here at KYUDEN GLOBAL, we are excited to welcome overseas exchange students for the unique opportunity to intern with us at our office in Tenjin, Fukuoka. 

Our internships are beneficial to any international students who are thinking about working at a Japanese company, but want to know more about the working culture first. 
Working together with someone from another culture often requires flexibility compromise and empathy. Whether you stay in Japan after graduating or not, your experience working together alongside Japanese people will be sure to give you new perpectives and skills that will be of use to you in to the future.
During your internship with us, you will have the opportunity to learn essential Japanese business manners and be challenged to use business Japanese, helping you to improve your language skills, and giving you an idea of the language skills required to work in many companies. 
We look forward to receiving your application.

Short-term Internships

You will be involved in short workshops and projects.
Short-term internships are useful for those who are interested in learning about Japanese working culture.


Long-term Internships

You will gain practical work experience, being involved in longer projects. Designed for those with specific goals or those with a clear vision about working in a particular industry.
*It is possible to choose full or part-time options (to be decided upon interview)

Internship Q&A

Q 1) Will internships be paid?
A 1) Basically, KYUDEN GLOBAL internships are unpaid. However, depending on the skills and                            experience of the applicant, a salary can be negotiated during interview.

Q 2) What skills do I need to qualify for an internship?
A 2) For overseas exchange students, a Japanese qualification (N2 level) is desired in order to                          communicate smoothly with Japanese colleagues. This will also help you achieve your goals in                 the internship.

Q 3) What experiences can be gained through an internship?
A 3) KYUDEN GLOBAL has a wide variety of services, so there are lots of different aspects interns can            involve themselves in. You can learn more by taking a look at our website and facebook page.
        At interview we can begin to formulate a curriculum together based on your wishes and the length          of the internship. Our areas of business are:
        (1) Global HR Recruitment Service:
              We match Japanese firms with internationals, and give support as they start employment.
        (2) Direct Recruiting Online Service:
              A platform where companies can directly hire international talent from our database.
        (3)  Internationals Daily Living Support Service:
              A service for assisting internationals with VISA and employment applications as well as  help                    with bank accounts and housing contracts.
        (4) Education Service:
              We offer workshops to firms and individuals including those themed around cultural                                    understanding and diversity education.
        (5) Translation and Design Service:
              We offer translation, writing and logo design services created by natives of the target country.
        (6) Overseas Marketing and Promotion Service:
              Offers global services, such as the planning, managing and production of overseas events,                        utilizing overseas freelancers to conduct marketing surveys etc.

Q 4) Can I intern for less than a week / more than a month?
A 4) Short-term experience internships of 1.5 to 2 working days are also possible.
        For internships of over a month, please inquire. 

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