Matching Highly Skilled International Workers with the Right Japanese Firms


Linking International Talent
with the Japan Market

International Talent Link (intaLINK) matches highly skilled global talent wishing to work in Japan with the best Japanese firms. By doing so, we hope to facilitate the development and growth of Japanese companies.

Our network of highly skilled workers includes those proficient in Japanese, and those who are specialists in IT or marketing. After careful screening, we introduce the best candidates to meet the needs of each firm.

Working in Japan as an international has its own set of unique challenges, so to help Japanese companies and workers further with the hiring process, we also offer visa acquisition and living support services.
From applications for residency and real estate, to creating bank accounts and mobile phone contracts to setting up utilities such as electricity, gas and water.

We also assist Japanese firms with workshops themed around diversity and inclusion, to help foster mutual understanding and better cooperation between staff.

Global Recruitment

Real Estate

Property Information Rental Contracts


SIM Card Contracts Mobile Phone Contracts Fiber-Optic Line Contracts

VISA Support

VISA Applications
VISA Renewals

Translation & Interpretation

Interview Training Handling Inquiries

Application Support

Electricity / Gas / Water
Opening a Bank Account

Discovering Our Strengths from Our Differences