We provide education workshops that tailor to a wide range of roles and niches, for both individuals and businesses.
From training for new recruits, to level-specific workshops to diversity education for firms and English conversation classes.

GROWTH BRIDGE は、階層別研修など企業教育研修を提供しています

Education Workshops for Everyone

Here at KYUDEN GLOBAL our track record for providing educational workshops to firms in Kyushu speaks for itself, and over the years our instructors have helped thousands through work, management, and communication themed workshops.
We firmly believe that our extensive curriculum is just what businesses need to help staff attain the cognitive and non-cognitive skills required for unlocking their true potential at the office.
Having identified the growing need for diversity education at firms hiring or looking to hire international staff, we are now rolling out new workshops to meet these needs.
With remote work on the increase, we also offer flexible online learning packages (in conjunction with EdTech) as well as online English conversation classes.

General Workshops

Based on a variety of settings and topics, involving firms both within and beyond our Group, we conduct workshops for over 2000 people a year thanks to our team's unparalleled logic and know-how.

In House Training

After carrying out a detailed hearing, we create and conduct workshops meeting each firm's needs, together with its HR development system. This tailored content leads to improvements in human resources.

New Hire Training

Every fiscal year, about 120 new hires from the Kyuden Group and related companies take this training. While gaining self-awareness as members of both their firms and society, they study business manners and methods for better communication.

Diversity Training

Our intercultural research and diversity education trainings are conducted not only for exchange students and internationals, but also for Japanese firms wishing to hire overseas workers.