Our Company

株式会社九電ビジネスフロント・KYUDEN GLOBAL事業本部|会社概要

Company Name

Kyuden Business Front Inc.


October 22, 2002

Start of Business Operations

January 2003


100 million yen

Capital Stock

Kyushu Electric Inc. (60%)
Kyuden Business Solutions Inc (20%)
Kyuden Sangyo Inc.(20%)


Tenjin Building 4F
Chuo-ku, Tenjin 2-12-1 〒810-0001 
URL http://www.qbfront.co.jp/

Contents of Business

1. HR Dispatch
2. HR Introduction
3. Career Support
4. Global Talent Application and Global Solutions
5. Social Innovation
6. Education/Training
7. Outsourcing
8. Ceremonial Events/Rites Planning and Management
9. In Charge of Facility Operations, Designated Management, Government Administration 

Licence Information

Labor Dispatch License (valid in Japan): 派 40-010291 Paid Employment Introduction License (valid in Japan): 40-ユ-010210


President: Mr. Katsumi Nakagawa
Director: Mr. Masaru Kumamoto
Director: Mr. Yasuhiru Shiota
Director (Part-time): Mr. Hiroshi Imamura (Kyushu Electric Company)
Director (Part-time): Mr. Yoshiyuki Takezu (Kyuden Business Solutions)
Director (Part-time): Mr. Ryo Kato (Kyuden Sangyo)
Director (Part-time): Mr. Akira Uchiyama