Linking Kyushu & the World

KYUDEN GLOBAL works to support the revitalization of Kyushu, so that the region continues to shine bright in to the future.
At the same time, we strive for business solutions that support Japan’s rapidly diversifying population.
With global and social values at the heart of what we do, our mission is to innovate and educate.

Kyushu, Japan’s southermost island, and the gateway to overseas since ancient times.
Characterised by fantastic mountains and sea, the island has a rich 2000 year history.
From the famous food and drink culture to the warm hospitality of its locals, Kyushu is overflowing with charm and creativity.

Part of Kyushu Electric Power Company group, KYUDEN GLOBAL seeks to regenerate and propel Kyushu in to the next decade, through providing clients and communities with three core services:
Global Solutions, Social Innovation, and Education.

In addition, together with our partners, we offer services aimed at solving social issues which are outlined by the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

KYUDEN GLOBAL、そして九電グループが目指す「人が集い魅力溢れる豊かな九州」の実現に向けってます

Our Services

Global Talent Management and Localization Solutions


Matching highly skilled global talent with Japanese firms.


Translations and designs by natives that resonate with target countries.

Business Planning, Research, and Education Solutions

KYUSHU SOCIALのミッションとは、九州をもっと元気に!


Innovation to energize Kyushu and support local businesses.


Providing the right workshop to meet your company's needs.